Migrating Brave to a new PC

Upgraded to a new pc from and to Windows 10 and none of the migration threads work any more.

Brave works fine on my new PC after download but I cannot figure out how to migrate all of my bookmarks, payment wallet (rewards) or anything for that matter. I found instructions here about how to do a hard backup but it no longer applies/works. I can’t find any current instructions since everything has changed. The other problem is since it is a new pc it doesn’t recognize an old version of Brave to import from.

I simply want to know what to copy and migrate to the new pc. I am still missing my BAT wallet tokens from the old Brave. So far, the update to be a Chrome remake is not better or an improvement. I am hoping the way Brave works will improve. I have seen another thread asking this same question and they did not get an answer.

** Brave is up to date

Version 0.58.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Please help.

I think you’re looking for this:

Both of those are now out of date and don’t work for me. As I said, I tried the threads that are listed here and none of them work. Brave is no longer stored in the same folders ad no longer uses the same file name.

Wait, are you attempting to migrate date from Brave Core (newer build with chromium interface) into your freshly installed Brave core profile on your PC? Or are you trying to grab Muon data and move it to your new install?

These are both the latest Brave installs, just upgrading machines.

I see, thank you for clarifying.
So we have an issue logged for importing browsing data from Brave Core --> Brave Core builds:

But that’s still a work in progress. For now, you can export data like bookmarks and import the as HTML file in Brave using the methods in the article above.

The functionality you’re looking for is the ability to “Sync” your data. Brave Sync is one of our bigger projects we have in the works right now. A preview of this is available, but since it’s still being tested, we currently only Sync bookmarks between devices (this will expand to “everything” when completed).

Is this the Brave version before it supported all 3rd party chrome extensions? If not, I basically accomplish that with the FVD Synchronizer (Everhelper) Chrome extension, but you would need to be comfortable with that extension. It would, of course, not help you with BAT tokens.

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