Micrsoft Team web is not going through

Hi, I have all Shields settings enabled, but still, Microsoft Teams web gets me an error when trying to go through.

I have the last Brave version (installed 1 week ago), and I’m using Microsoft.

Evidence N°1:

Evidence N°2:

In the last screenshot, click the link “allow certain trusted domains”. On the corresponding site you will see what you need to do in order for Teams web app to work: You will need to add certain sites to your trusted sites list in your Brave browser (the ones that are allowed to always use cookies). I did this some really long time ago, and I can use Teams web app without any issue. Hope everything will work for you, too!

In case this does not help, please also try with Shields down.

  1. Set your Trackers & ads blocking to Aggressive in brave://settings/shields to make it work more effective.

  2. it is simple, when you log in to Microsoft Teams, it does it in the microsoft.com domain, and the cookies for login are in the live.com.

While Brave doesn’t really block 3p cookies and actually put them in a temporary storage, it doesn’t mean it means it can’t access the ‘real’ live.com cookies that it needs to log you in, so what you need to do is to go to brave://settings/cookies and you can do this in many ways.

  1. you can add the teams.microsoft.com to Sites that can always use cookies with the third party cookies checkbox on, it will make sure only teams subdomain can read the live.com cookies as third-party

  2. You can also add the Microsoft domain without teams so other Microsoft services won’t fail.

  3. you add login.live.com to the always use cookies, which will make sure any app will have access to the ‘normal storage’ live.com cookies as third-party, which I don’t really recommend, unless you don’t care.

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