Microsoft Teams Blocked Brave Browser (10/3/2023)

This started this morning all out of the blue, I did some troubleshooting adding the 3rth party cookies from Microsoft but a waste of time. I don’t like using the software because it memory consuming. But I guess brave browser was blocked from MSTeams this time.

Any ideas to solve this new bug ?

Could uou try in a private window?
If that works, try removing extensions to see if that solves it.

Also, try turning off shields.

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shields were disabled from the start otherwise you will never log in. :).
i tried private browsing and it worked!

Suggests it’s either cookies or an extension causing you problems. So you may want to try disabling or removing extensions and see if it works. Other thing is of course to clear cookies, just in case an older cookie is holding irrelevant data that is causing your issue.

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yes, it’s weird that, especially when i have the brave to clear cookies and browsing history every time I close it.
so far private browsing is working. I’m uninstalling the MS Teams ( I hate it). And will be back to the brave browser.
just in case I will check out again what is going on with the cookies, maybe brave for some random bug keeping records that is the reason of this problem.

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