Microsoft teams on web is not working on brave

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  1. MS teams does not work on this browser

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Hello direwolf348

My experience with MS teams with the browsers is bad. Not only with brave, also with chrome, firefox… I think teams is not optimized in browsers. I always use the desktop application of teams in order to avoid the problem.

Is my experience…

oh okay if that’s the case teams is the issue, I preferred to use the web application coz the app has too many bugs that have to be resolved.

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@direwolf348 Try allowing All Cookies in Shields, see if that helps

Since you suspect that you device needs to be optimized; did you tried to optimized
it ?

I’m having meetings with MS teams everydays and everybody who use teams in browser have problems with it.

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Ok , I see even though I do believe it’s a technical issue which needs a technical category to address it you know.

FreeBSD perspective (there’s no port of Chrome): bug 255484 – Chromium crashes when I open screen sharing on Discord Web is Closed FIXED and for example,

Everything tested and working:

  • Skype
  • Teams
  • Discord
  • Google Meet

Thank you to everyone involved.

I have not found an opportunity to test, I nearly always use Firefox (but not for voice or video chat with Teams).

… we are working with Microsoft now to get Teams support enabled in Firefox. There are no commitments on when that will be, but I can share that support is moving along in the right direction.

Keyword: webcompat:site-wait

Discussion: (1623340) Firefox compatiblity with Microsoft Teams and Teams for friends and family - Firefox Development - Mozilla Discourse

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