MetaMask wallet can't recover, but it should be there?

Hey there, I can’t recover my MetaMask wallet, but when I go to it shows my wallet there as “owned”. So I had this wallet on here a few months ago, but then accidentally deleted my MetaMask and since just created a new wallet, but today I realized there’s some stuff I need to do with my old wallet, which I now can’t access, but for some reason it shows the old wallet’s address under the portfolio from metamask, so I’m wondering is the data stored here anywhere? I for sure know my password, but I’ve tried doing the vault decrypter tool thingy from Metamask and searched everywhere, and could only find my seed phrase for the account that I’m using now, not the one I need to recover.
Can someone help me?

The 2nd wallet is the one I need to recover, the first one is the one that is connected