impossible to recover my metamask in brave wallet

Hello everyone, how can I recover my old metamask wallet in the brave wallet and not the extension. because when I enter my words in the brave wallet it is not the same address and neither in the metamask extension.

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let me explain, if I put my 24 recovery words on a metamask in extensions this gives me a wallet with a new address number example: 0xe8562 while my metamask address in the BRAVE wallet is 0xe3375; what is the problem?
V 1.62.162** (Feb 7, 2024)
windows 11
all networks
metamask tells me that I need to try to update my wallet. but it is impossible for me to do it in the brave wallet. how can I do this?

@steff did you paste your 24 word phrase into brave or did you use the import from metamask feature (asks for your MM password only)?

I used the import function from metamask.

Thanks for the info @steff ,

Can you reset your brave wallet (brave://settings/web3) and try manually pasting in your 24 words via this option: