MetaMask extension on Brave version 1.18.78


I recently installed an older version of the Brave browser (1.18.78) on an old MacBook Pro I own due to not supporting newer ones. I tried adding the MetaMask extension but I get an error. I assume it is due to it trying to download the extension onto an older version of the browser.

Reproduce Error:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Add to Brave”
  3. Acces denied.

Expected result: Be able to install extension onto older version of Brave. (Maybe also need an older version of MetaMask extension for it to work).

Brave Version: [v1.18.78]

Apparently I can’t install any extension to the browser in general . Am I forced to use the latest browser version to download extensions (get a new laptop that is up to date) or is there a workaround?

Hi and welcome to the community.

Well, you could try installing an older version of Metamask and, if you can, see if it will update. Honestly, I personally would not do this. I think you are potentially setting yourself up for major problems using older versions of any software. I would be really concerned about security and bugs. Ultimately, the risk for me would be too high, especially the increased risks of compromising my system and potential loss of funds.

Found the article linked below at Metamask Support which may help. You may want to contact Metamask support for help or ask for input in the Metamask community.

Take care.

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