Message Says "Auto-Contribute Can't Work Because of Insufficient Funds" but I've Got 1900 BAT in This Browser's Wallet



I get this message when clicking on the purple triangle in my Brave browser (far right in the address bar):

Your scheduled monthly payment for Auto-Contribute and monthly tips could not be completed due to insufficient funds. We’ll try again in 30 days.

Hmmm. This is strange to me because I’ve loaded up my wallet for this browser (I know that there is a separate wallet for each machine) with over 1900 BAT. Also, the Brave Rewards page says that I’ve set up a monthly payment of 30 BAT and that my next contribution date is 1/31/2019, a date which has already passed.

Is there something I’ve set up wrong or am I experiencing a bug? Thanks!



Hello, thanks for the report, and thank you for using Brave Rewards as you do! This is indeed a bug, and I am experiencing it too. It looks like the issue has been closed and a fix has been issued, so an upcoming update of the browser should resolve this bug. See here:

P.S., Please, please make sure to backup your wallet, given you have so much BAT in there!


Thank you @chriscat! Yes, I will backup the wallet.


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