I haven't got my 30 BAT rewards for this month

Every month brave sends 30 BAT but this time I didn’t get it and it gave a message like “Your scheduled monthly payment for Auto-Contribute and monthly tips could not be completed due to insufficient funds.We’ll try again in 30 days”
What does this mean ?


If you are referring to a BAT grant, they are not guaranteed for every user every month. There is a limited pool of funds and they are distributed randomly.

In the case of the auto-contribute having insufficient funds, that would mean that your setting for auto-contribute is higher than the amount you have in your wallet right now.

You could either add your own BAT from an external source or turn on Ads to earn BAT to increase the amount in your wallet.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


I Don’t get anyBAT token i use this application for 2mounth bt Don’t get my token i Don’t know what’s happen with my browser.i am also verified user & i use only 1accoun.
What to do sir?

Hola, saludos llevo dos meses con 6 referidos confirmados en mi cuenta de https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/publishers/home y no me ha pagado la recompensa que promete BRAVE y este segundo mes me ha confirmado otro referido así que Ya son 7 y no recibo nada de recompensa. ¿Quisiera saber por qué sucede esto y si pueden ayudarme?

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