Merge different devices BAT rewards / old Brave browser + Brave Beta

Hi all, any way to merge all received BAT from different devices (laptop and mobile )?
Especially with new Brave Beta browser all BAT earned in old browser are going to get lost?

You can click on the button in your rewards titled QR Code for iOS Rewards users transferring BAT to get a QR code.

Thanks mate, not using ios unfortunately, working w Android system.

You can use 4 browser and link it all in same uphold . Only go on to use brave and brave beta until you verifier your porte-f
Then you get all bat

Many thx for your reply. Do u still receive Ads on regular Brave browser? Long time I’m receiving none, while in Brave Beta, since I’m using it, I received quite a lot.

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Yeah they have problem about that now ,since week there are bug about ads . But today I start receive bat , but the 1 ads is 0,001 bat :disappointed_relieved:

Ah…yes. People are very disappointed in the 0.001 BAT/ad change, and when I posted a topic about this, I got a rush of comments.

I will give a look if I’m starting to receive them as well. So far on BBeta, received Ads BAT are average 0.01, not 0.001…A way to push people to use new browser?

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