“…” menu customization on IOS

I would love to see Brave across all platforms but for now specifically the IOS version receive some more customization options. Specifically I would love to see the ability to customize the options brought up by the “…” menu as I often find myself having to slow down my workflow to keep from accidentally choosing “Brave Wallet”, “Brave VPN” or another option that I don’t need or use.

Just being able to remove these from that list would greatly improve my workflow and make Brave the only Browser I would use on IOS.

It would be good

I think people need to get together and create some kind of — customized browser (so that everyone can set it up as convenient, turn something on, turn off something unnecessary)

Or collect donations and search and pay the developer to make a browser for people who want to do some action in the browser by pressing one button (well, at most two, press and hold a finger) and not do 3-4-5… actions or go deep inside browser to do/get something.

I don’t want to offend anyone, but iOS browsers are very degraded and developers/companies add what they don’t need to the browser.
And on computers, browsers are developing a lot and much better
What, so many users on Windows/MacOS? For some reason, I think that the vast majority of people use phone
Especially since most people nowadays don’t need computers anymore

Maybe you will say that few people use Brave on iOS. for example, and I can agree because I have 4-5 browsers installed

And there’s not a single normal one

One can do that, the other better with ad blocking, the third has some function that is not available in any of them…

Of course, then people will use the standard browser because they tired of jumping between browsers as I’m already tiring

Well as far as the IOS browsers not feeling normal that is partially because of Apple. Apple imposes very very strict guidelines on how browsers must work on IOS. However I do not believe that Brave allowing more customization is out of the realm of possibility with those restrictions. The customizable browser is a great idea and I believe there is a project like it out there. Don’t remember what it is called though. Either way hopefully Brave can add a bit more customization on IOS as well as other platforms and best case scenario is that Apple either voluntarily or is forced to relax restrictions on how browsers must be on IOS.

I understand you. I agree that Apple is “closed” and with limits but we don’t ask something phenomenal.

Even my posts it’s just for asking for improving something.

Something to bring to logic, something to improve (for example, one of the last: that the start page is very and too “simple”)

Even something elementary has not been done, or not done to the end.

I’m not a programmer, I don’t understand anything about it, but I know that it’s realizable

I even know a browser that supports plugins, although most people say that on iOS you can’t support plugins like on computers (yes, not all plugins work or don’t work as they should, but they are and it’s already something. you just need to fix something and it will work)