May BATs disappeart after last update

All my BATs disappeared after the last Update.
This ongoing issue is really annoying.
No May activities yet but the 7 day history if full.
Ads received this month shows 467.

You already claimed the missing bat…the estimated bat is not updated in old version

Same thing happening to me. Ads received this month increases but no BAT is distributed. Really annoying. Been happening for weeks now for me.

How could I have claimed any BATs for May ???
And why does the Profile of my wife with exactly the same browser settings (but her own Uphold wallet) show the earnings for May?? after the update.
This can´t be right.

It appears you are encountering a known issue that many other users are also facing. We’re actively working on a fix for this. We intend to ensure any “stuck” BAT is deposited/dispersed correctly once the fix is pushed. We do appreciate your patience:

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