May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

Hello, I think it depends on the number of advertisers in your country.

Hello @Asad any updates? I still haven’t recieved my BAT Rewards.

Hi @Manolito020 I think they are processing another payment

Lies, same old answers. Soon I will have to contact them and wait another month for them to help me.

@Asad Payout for this browser didn’t reflect in Uphold for the past two months but still recorded in wallet details. Unlike my 2 other Brave Browsers on my other computer where payout was directly transferred in my Uphold account, this is the only Brave Browser having issues. Haven’t clicked the Claim Button yet. Not sure if it’s okay to click the Claim Button now. Can I still get the payout from the past two months?


That is exactly what happened to me. Received my BATs from only 3 devices in my wallet and on my other devices they are just in my browser. Here is a link where it says you can receive payments only from 3 devices: Another issue of Brave with BAT but not showing on verified Upload wallet
I’m not sure if it’s true so if someone knows please respond.

After claiming all my bat are gone and only showing this month’s bats and earned bat shows as 0 bats. Happened on latest Android beta.

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Hi @dwell - that is correct, there is a 3 wallet limit.

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Hi @Manolito020 - I can confirm that the desktops payout is still processing.

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Hi @FCKGW - the payout is still processing. Thanks for your patience!

Okay, I’ll be patient.

To my understanding, if Uphold rejects my account verification, i should still be able to receive the BAT tokens in my BAT wallet on brave. This can then be used to tip other content creators. Am I right? Or do i need to have a connected Uphold account to even be able to tip others?

@steeven I only have 3 wallets. The 2 wallets are working fine, only 1 having issues. Didn’t get the payout on the one having issue for the last 2 months. Haven’t claimed the payout for this month because I’m not sure if it will be reflected in my Uphold wallet. Also not sure if I can still get the 2 previous payouts that I didn’t get.

@steeven what happened in my case and now also the claim button disappeared. Help please.

Any update on this issue

hi. in all my device, desktop and on the android telephone of my parents i claim bat reward but everything disappeard.
amount is 0 Bat.

@hamzamemon @ljn @rmobo @ritikkanotra - when did you originally attempt your first claims?

@steeven iam still not see claim rewards button. And my bat for april still in pending. Please fix it.

I think you are correct buddy.

We are waiting patiently for now. :sweat_smile:

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