Maximize minimize and close buttons not showing when brave maximized ubuntu

Description of the issue:

When the Brave window is maximized, Close, Restore and Minimize buttons (top right buttons) are not visible.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave
  2. Maximize the window
  3. Buttons are not visible.
  4. Resize window by dragging it, buttons appear.
  5. Maximize the window again, buttons disappear.

It does not happen every time and it does not always happen right away, but most of the times it does. Not sure what triggers it. When I quit Brave and start it again the buttons are here again. I understand that all of this makes it a bit difficult to reproduce the bug and I will update repro steps if I find what exactly triggers it.

Expected result: Close, Restore and Minimize buttons are visible even when the window is maximized.

Additional Information:

OS: Ubuntu 20.10. 64-bit (I also use Brave on my Windows desktop computer, but haven’t noticed this problem there).

Buttons when maximized:

Buttons when not maximized:

Also, I can resize the window to be the same width/height as when maximized and the buttons are here. But as soon as I click on the maximize button, even though the window size stays the same, buttons disappear.

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Hello @KYNUX

not sure if that has affect on it or not but try to disable hardware acceleration

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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One thing you could try is turning this option ON or OFF in brave://settings/appearance to see if it makes a difference:

Disabling hardware acceleration worked for a moment. The problem returned when I restarted the browser. The minimize/maximize/close buttons disappear or simple don’t function. Chrome is doing the same thing. :sob:

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Same thing is happening on my end. ungoogled-chromium doesn’t do this. However Brave has been for a few days.

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