Many questions and some bugs in DM

Hello brave

hope that everything going fine with all of you

i have some questions related to reward system and bat

  1. if i tipped someone would all the tips go for that person or is there a fees will be removed from the tips i sent
    please clarify in case of it make difference if i use the builtin wallet of the browser or if i am upholder or gemini user

in case if there a fees how much it

in case if there no fees then why we have to pay for network fees when try to move our bats from uphold for example to other wallet
please do not say that there network fees cause if there is network fees then sending tips should has fees

  1. to check if the site or channel is verified then all our request

a) sent to your server to check that
b) or our browser already download all the list of the verified publisher so it happen on local

in case if it sent to your server so how long does that request stay alive in the server and when it get deleted and if it deleted is there away to recover it or not

  1. is it possible in the future to allow us to pick the wallet we like and we only have to put our address then you sent the bat we earned to that address and we would accept if there will be any fees but of course we would like to know in advance how much it would be

i have some bugs related to reward system and i would like a developer to dm me for it
i can not revel it in public

i even sent some about it to you but never get replay to my dm

thanks for your time and have a nice day :slight_smile:


  1. There is a 5% fee – taken directly from our FAQ:

Credit card interchange fees may appear to total only a bit more than 2%, but due to chargebacks over fraud, merchants pay a heavy hidden fee. Also, our fee has to cover infrastructure costs which provide an always free Brave browser as well as the Brave Rewards system for publisher support. It is our intention to minimize those fees as we grow and realize economies of scale.

:point_up: I’m actually not entirely sure what you’re asking here – can you elaborate?

:point_up: If I understand correctly, you’re asking whether or not the browser constantly pings a server for the verified publishers list? If so, the answer is yes and no. Yes it will ping and fetch the most up to date list of verified publishers – but that list is downloaded locally to your device. The ping is simply an update to the list. You can do this yourself by clicking the Refresh status option in the Rewards panel.

:point_up: I don’t have the answer to this as I cannot predict the future, but whatever decisions we make will be made with the users interests in mind.

Why can’t you reveal it in public? If you want to DM me or @steeven, do so and give it a noticeable subject line and we will do our best to assist you.

thanks for the time to answer those question @Mattches

this :point_up_2: already cover this :point_down:

yes that what i was asking about

another one how the classification of a visited site work for example if i visit a website and it’s not one of the publisher how you classify it does it work locally also or a server request needed
and again if the server needed what the data sent on that request and for how long the data stay in server or it got deleted

cause it include a way to trick the reward system and pass many detection so it would be bad to make it public i will pm both of you with everything

thanks again for your time and have a nice day

if you have time could you check this Questions @Mattches

thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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