Remove everything about me

Any specific reason? I am curious.

Hello @timapple

i had 2 post about question related to privacy the newest one was about 1 week ago and also other people post around 2 or 3 post about other privacy question but nothing heard about it so i suspect

i would not share the link to my post it already there and i have to search all my history to get to the post that others write and it’s hard but i follow their post so if something written i would get notified but nothing tell now

Thanks for the info. What browser are you switching to?

could i know how long it take for my request and thanks

i use many browsers it just what i do or trust to do with each one


Hi @justsomeone1, I’m really sorry to see you go! Which posts are you referring to? I can have folks from my team talk through each of your questions. I assure you that we take privacy very seriously.

Let me know if you’d like me to delete your community account. If you have a publishers account, in order for me to delete it, I will need your email that’s associated with it. You will need to delete your Uphold account directly.

Thank you for all that you’ve contributed.


Thanks for your offer and nice words @steeven

i will pm you with all of them as they still question so i do not anyone use question to attack your company

and i do not have any uphold or publisher account

thanks for you and your team

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Thank you @justsomeone1, I’ll be on the lookout.

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Gonna miss u buddy but u can tip me your Bat :grin:


As you might’ve seen, we’re all sorry to see you go. We all believe that you had a great time using this browser.
Here is what I believe about it: it is the thing I trust a lot and it helps me. I used it on PC when I had one, but I use it on android. It helps me and I really think that you felt good when you used it. If you think that it’s using storage, clear cache. If you feel like it’s using ram, close all tabs and then close the services from the windows task manager. On android, you can force stop the app or go to running services under developer options to view more exact details and eventually close and stop services.
If you think that those hints did something then I’m happy to help!

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Hi @justsomeone1

I’m shocked about your post.
This forum will miss you, for sure.
Take care :slight_smile:

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Hello @Ciprian.Dinca

thanks for your words and everyone

and thanks for your help but the issue that i had questions and other people about how brave work in some area so we asked but did not get the answer and it been for while so i felt that it’s not fair or there something not right

which i was wrong as all my questions and others question got answered

of course maybe the team missed our questions by mistake or something based on the load they get

and since all answered

i can share all the links to those question with the answer we got

start from other people post then mine

1)All Passwords Exposed

2)Brave for linux installs cron job and /etc conf behind one's back

3)Update feedback

4)Many questions and some bugs in DM

all answered

thanks again and have a nice day everyone

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oh thanks a lot @Tiko

do not worry i am still here and i will keep annoy everyone of you :joy:
just kidding

thanks a lot man and have a nice day


Ok Dude, thanks for the joke :joy:

I’ll read very seriously your links tomorrow (it’s late here).

Take care.

you very welcome and good night and catch you later

thanks and you too

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I feel very sorry about what you said regarding the program. To be honest, all of us happen to have some issues with some parts of it, but here is my personal opinion: I’ve been using chrome before and I am kind of used with that interface. 1 year ago, there came a friend and told me that: Hey! There’s a browser I discovered these days: it looks exactly like chrome, but it is a tuned version of that. You might wanna give it a try. That’s the moment I left Google’s thing behind and have stopped recommending it. I understood that Brave means power, at least for Android. It is my daily driver and I would never change it. I recommend that you, android users, get the nightly version. It is stable and I use it since July.
And this is what I had to say. I am sorry to see an user leave. Hope you will feel well with your next choice. I wish you well and always feel good!

thanks again for your nice words and feeling

i meant that after i got my answer to the post i mentioned i will not leave

and for chrome i do not like it from privacy point of view

thanks again and have a nice day

I don’t wanna say too much about chrome, just that it is a pack of nerves for me: Where is the toolbar at the top as I feel so comfortable with my screen reader? Where is the add blocker? Where is the background video playback? Where more than what I said. Brave is surely a tune over chrome and now, just to prove that, I saw that the stable build has got 4.8 stars rating on google passing google’s 4.1. If you want, I can post the 1 star review I wrote for it. Haha Haha!
On the other hand, I am happy that you won’t leave.

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i agree too that and thanks a lot and nice to meet such nice one like all of you

If you want your data from Community deleted or some other data deleted, please send me a DM.