Make picture-in-picture a joy to use with the keyboard

Proposed feature :
Better support for keyboard shortcuts with the picture-in-picture mode.

  • Customizable shortcut to make a video into picture-in-picture from a webpage (or a shortcut to open the "control your music …"panel)
  • Customizable shortcut to pause/play, +10sec, -10sec from the pip mode, volume up/down

Reason :
Like some, I love to mostly use my keyboard and avoid my mouse as much as possible. I moved to brave when I saw the new user defined shortcut capabilities (I’m in love with this feature, thanks a lot for making it real). I can almost flawlessly use brave just with my keyboard with the exception of using the pip mode that I use all the time.
For that reason, and to make the custom keybinding feature more complet I think It could be useful to add those keybinding to the pip mode.

Hopefully because the “control your music…” panel already can seek forward, backward, pause/play. Those functions might not be to hard to add keyboard shortcut to it.

Thanks everyone for this amazing browser !

This comes from Chromium upstream, and I really doubt Brave will mess with it especially with the new API being added to Chromium (currently behind a flag) called Document Picture-in-Picture. brave://flags/#document-picture-in-picture-api.

If you enable the flag, you can test it in


Developers have to add it to their websites and add the proper keyboard shortcuts and all that, like when you are in Youtube and Netflix and use spacebar and arrow keys and all that, but In the video example, you can right click and show all controls to make it work with the keyboard.

I don’t know what will happen to the Control and Enter Picture-in-Picture when this improved API gets implemented by default, but as you can see, it works by clicking a button and adding a keyboard shortcut would be a maybe but I don’t know, currently there is no button in keyboard customization in Nightly or quick-commands about it.

So better hope developers use the API and Chromium makes it the default soon.