Make brave development plans/releases more user-friendly

Hi there,

I recently found out about brave and I really like it. But I’m a huge fan of seeing what features a new version bringt and what plans a project has for the future.
So I really like that if you go on the website, you find information about the different brave branches. But that it’s. There is no information about what version they currently have, changelogs, roadmaps etc.

I figured out that you have a lot more information on your github account, but I find it not really user friendly.
So the information here is quite good. Why do I not find this on the homepage? The version of each branch, the release shedule for example here:

If I go through the other 37 pages in the wiki, I also do find a roadmap:
Why don’t you put this on your website, where people can find it easily? And perhaps a little bit more text would also be nice kinda like “this is a privacy focused update” or whatever.

At lastly the changelog. The changelog can be found in the repo itself:
Again: I do understand that you might not want to post a complete article for every version (although you have a lot of other articles on your homepage, so why not invest the time in such a thing). But making an article “Dev version 63 released with the following changes: changelog” would be a good start. You could also post it in the forum and people could directly write there feedback for the version like opera does for their dev versions at least.
And the changelog is also not up to date, no matter what branch, the changelog is only until stable version (by they way, the branches are a complete mess, please don’t make a branch for every version, but one for dev, nightly, stable etc.).

In a perfect world all three of this would be combined:
On the brave website for the different releases with a table for the last releases and the future releases. And a link in the table to the changelog/roadmap for this release. This would actually make a lot easier for you, because it’s not so much to maintain. And perhaps if you want, a thread in the forum for every release with the changelog, where you can ask for feedback.

Please let me know what you think!


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+1. We need:

  1. Changelog for every new release. Now we just don’t know what changes have been made to the current update. Recently, the team have improved Shields UI and added third-party lists. This is a big change, but I don’t remember any messages about it.
  2. Changelogs for Devs and Beta versions. I just want to know what awaits us in the next versions of the browser.

Maybe the team believe they make the browser for geeks, but… We’re just users. We need a usual communication channel: website, twitter, instagram, etc.


Hi all,

I guess this discussion has nothing to do with it, but it seems like Brave will do the things with the next release!

Taken from github: checklist for the 0.66.x release