Brave AdBlock Issue

I’ve added these lines to block ads: > div:nth-child(2) ~ div

Now when I enter to inbox, everything is fine, I didn’t see these divs, but I have a second account (right corner for switch between), when I switch to another account, then I see these divs with ads (same domain name in the address box… so should work), so if I refresh the page (F5) - now again I don’t see them (No ads).
Interesting, why is it happening…?

Rest filters for other sites work as expected.

:nth-child isn’t currently supported @ivanrus

But it is works on any other site, include this site, it is works, but when I click link to go to second inbox and redirect again - only on this site it is not working. I think it is because of their ad-generated content, like ad filters work before ads loaded (I think), they are using some shadow-root thing… don’t know

Can you inspect the div/frame, and show a screenshot? I can see what can be added

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