MacOS 10.15.7 won't launch Brave

With the deprecation of MacOs 10.14 and below i used Dosdude’s Catalina patcher to put my aging Macbook up to spec but it seems i still cant run the latest versions of brave.

I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this and perhaps have a solution since on paper i am on MacOS 10.15.7

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.56.65

currently my solution is to download 1.56.65 and reinstall if i ever force quit my browser to update.

Additional Information:

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@annahmenaphos I don’t know anything about 3rd party programs, but you can see the last supported version for your Mac and instructions on which file to download at

Direct link would be

Is there a reason you’re not upgrading? It’s free from Apple. Just grab Catalina and you’d be good to go…

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i have a 2011 Macbook that i keep for sentimental reasons and it still works which doesn’t support Catalina natively the problem is Brave keeps trying to update since apparently i’m on Catalina but if i restart brave for whatever reason it tries to update and crashes which means i need to reinstall 1.57.64 or 1.56.65

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