Macedonian language is missing on Brave Beta

When i go to website with macedonian language and translate already defected it but it showed “Unknown” because macedonian language isn’t list there, please fix it.

Here is screenshot:

Thank you!

Thanks for reporting @AlexP5.

cc @Mattches for help here.

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@Mattches please read this, thank you

What version of Brave are you using? It’s strange that it wouldn’t be offered considering that it does appear in the list of languages in Settings --> Languages

Don’t working but you misunderstand what i said.

I’m not talking about display language but i’m talking about translate on click right and macedonian language is missing there and other language too.

if you misunderstand again but you can test it yourself

Here is link:

And press click right and then click translate and go to options and change language and you will see macedonian and other language are missing.

Thank you!

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