Better integration with Apple & Google plugin functions

Better integration with iOS & Google (browser)plugin/functions

Hi there, this is my 1st community-post here at Brave. Today I decided to give the Brave-browser a try, and I really like it! I only have some small feature-ideas that would make the experience perfect (for me).

To keep it simple I can split my topic into 3 smaller topics/requests:

  1. Add function: Autofill from iOS is not functioning at all. iCloud-keychain works sometimes at login pages, but not consistently. As I have over 200 accounts in the keychain (+1Password-app). It’s hard to copy all those credentials at once. I already started to use ‘save login’ in Brave but then I still have to manually enter all the credentials.

  2. Add function: I use the Gboard iOS-app as my default keyboard. Brave does not recognize most of the times that I have 2 keyboards (iOS+Gboard). I’ve tried all keyboard options around but Gboard works best for me, because the keyboard learns from the way you type.

  3. Alter function: 3D Touch/Haptic Touch is not available within the Brave-app, unfortunately. If you’re used to ‘peek’ when hard pressing a link, that doesn’t work in Brave. I know long touch does give an option menu, but the peek-function is still missing. If you’re used to that in Safari, you’ll notice the difference.

These 3 things are the only reason for me to not switch over to Brave completely, as my default browser on my iPhone.
I can also make a short video to show visually what’s not working, if needed.

Hopefully you can provide feedback. Thanks! :slight_smile: