Mac 10.15.x could not see cups printer Brother

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  1. I can see printers in all other applications
  2. I can print from all other aplications
    3.Brave offers me only Print to PDF and does not see the printer
    Printer is installed as brother DCP-T500W and works from any other app except brave

help please

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Hi there @saso232, welcome to community :slightly_smiling_face:

I would recommend that you look through Brave Help center →
Could you provide me with a screenshot or short video of your issue? The more information provided the more efficiently I can help to resolve your issue.

Salty :banana:

I have the same issue, Chrome and Safari can see a network shared printer (from a different Mac), but Brave does not see it.


I had the same issue, but with Big Sur
Mac OS 11.4
Brave 1.25.72

Printer is a Xerox Phaser. I installed the printer using the specified Xerox Drivers. It didn’t show up. To confirm it wasn’t just Brave, I tried it in Chrome. Same results. The printer can be seen in CUPs and can be accessed on all other apps and browsers.

So I installed it a second time (didn’t remove the first installation). But this time NOT using the Xerox drivers. Instead, directly in the Mac Printer setup section using an IP address. This worked.

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I would suggest giving this a try @saso232
Thanks for the suggestion @iHuman

Well thank you.
Yes this of course solves somehow the issue BUT it is still a BUG and it is dirty that Brave is not fixing it knowing about it.

The printer discovery works just fine in other browsers including Safari.

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