Love The Browser -- Bookmarks Are Broken (RESOLVED)

I am happy with the speed and RAM usage of the browser, and have had no problems other than the fact that the bookmarks revert to a state I haven’t set every few minutes, or with even greater frequency.

I will drag them back through the bookmark manager, only to have them revert again and again. This is such basic functionality that it’s frustrating that it keeps recurring. No, I am not syncing with any other device so far (they just shifted back, btw), and can’t imagine why this keeps happening.

Any suggestions or help would be nice before I abandon this otherwise lovely browser.

Aha! The iCloud Bookmarks extension migrated with the transfer from Google Chrome, and I hadn’t realized it.

Disabled the extension, and the problem is resolved.

Apologies for panicking, but I hope this may help others who run into a similar problem.

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