Frustrating bookmarks wont go away after deleted

Description of the issue:
So the issue started when I synced my passwords with chrome, I decided to not import my bookmarks from chrome only passwords, because I wanted my new bookmarks bar to be clean and not as cluttered as my bookmarks that date back to 2012, but I didn’t want to lose my old bookmarks cause there was some useful stuff there afterall.

My chrome bookmarks compleately dissapeared. All of them impossible to bring back, i was a bit distraught but i let it go its just bookmarks i suppose.

Afterwards my bookmarks sidebar is acting up all the time, its been a few months but im frustrated with this it wont go away.

Every time i open my browser the bookmarks are messed up, no matter how i choose to close the browser, x or from sidebar or just shut off the pc while its running, it still wont save, now some have saved but then theres just the same set of bookmarks that come back, ones that i deleted because i was just moving stuff around and renaming stuff.

the highlighted bookmarks duplicate or move around, plus like a few (3 or 4) others come back no matter how many times i delete it

Every time i open the browser i have to reorganize it

any ideas on fixing it without reinstalling and losing everything?

it still keeps happening but i noticed newly added bookmarks stay unaffected

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