Each upgrade I lose a feature

Hey guys. It pains me to say it, but I’m going to be looking around for another browser today. I’ve been a user and a promoter of your tool for quite a while, but the browser keeps getting less likable.

The last several times I have download the latest client I lose a feature I like. I don’t upgrade very often because I don’t look forward to seeing something go away.

There are a number of examples of this, but let me give you the top three annoyances. All iOS, all mobile:

  1. Change in how quick search engines work. I get a few very useful options and I don’t seem to be able to add more. It used to have Wikipedia, Twitter, etc. Now it is stripped down and it is not obvious to me how to add more. This used to work great.

  2. Bookmark bar does not appear after opening a new tab. From left to right across the top of my screen I get a text bar and a cancel button. That’s it. After I hit cancel, the bookmarks icon appears. Extra clicks. Very annoying. Maybe this is a scaling problem on a smaller phone? Regardless, it’s another annoyance for something that used to work great.

  3. How I create bookmarks has changed. I loved the previous system where I clicked the bookmark icon list and there was another empty-bookmark icon to add bookmarks. Very quick, very intuitive. Now I have to go through a different menu and it is cumbersome. This used to work great.

A lot of the UI changes feel arbitrary and regressive to me. I really dislike the feeling that every time I do an upgrade some design feature I like is going to disappear.

This browser used to work great.

Now I’m looking for something that works good enough and doesn’t break something in the UI with every update.


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