When are you going to fix the bookmarks navigation?

Should be easy - revert to previous versio, where the user can navigate between BMs as in any filesystem. Right now it is annoying. i moved away to Firefox. pity.

Firefox, et al. doesn’t block popups / video ads nearly as well as Brave. Never using another browser for that reason alone. Game changer, still.

As far as Bookmarks go, there’s three main things to fix:

  1. Let us see ALL of our Bookmark folders in the dropdown menu when adding a new link / editing its title.

  2. Let us remove old Bookmarks in a folder by pressing Delete when highlighted. Currently, we have to dig for the Rename & Delete options.

  3. Allow us to rename a link by double clicking on it when highlighted in a folder.

Those three changes alone would go a long way to resolving the gripes about the feature.

Yes, you are right! the add block is a big plus, but for me, that using the bookmarks intensively , it’s a no-no until Brave will fix this downgrade.

Are you mentioning where it doesn’t autosave bookmark to the last saved folder? If so, that was already worked on and fix launched yesterday. If you update to 1.63.174 or later, you’ll see it’s back to the old system where you choose a folder.

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