What is the status of the bookmark sync fix?

Bookmark syncing has been the only holdback for me that keeps me on Chrome for now.
I saw some notes in the last build that mentioned bookmark sync fixes. So I came back and gave it a shot.

What I am still facing are the same issues. I have 3 windows PC’s that I use regularly and all are part of the sync chain. The bookmarks constantly move themselves around and lose their favicons. The part that is irritating about this is that on each PC the bookmarks move to different spots, so it’s not even really syncing at all. If they all moved to the same location that would at least be understandable.

Everyday I open the browser in the morning whatever I had moved before changes yet again. And not always moves to the same places.

I know everyone is aware of the issues with sync. But honestly why is this not the highest priority thing on the list? This is a huge problem the does limit usability.

With the new “bookmark sync fixes” am I doing something wrong? should i delete everything and start a fresh sync chain and do another bookmark import from Chrome?

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