Lost Saved Passwods

I been using Brave on Mac osx. Lately Brave been acting strange . I thought thats due to update.
first the search box disappeared in Password search in setting . Now everything gone … I like to know on Mac , if Brave saved those user name pass to any file . if so , where can i find it . all my user name and pass where in brave.

It didn’t disappear. It’s the image and then you search. They just changed the looks and location of it a bit.

Everything being what? Just passwords or you saying passwords, bookmarks, history, etc?

Passwords are always saved in your \brave-browser folder. However, they will be encrypted and inaccessible to you. If it’s not showing up within Brave, then it means your OS keychain likely changed or something.

That said, there is the ongoing issue as you can see at NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue. You may want to read through that original post and provide some of the details requested under Basic data to gather and Advanced data to gather. Also check out Advanced Reading as that kind of answers what you’re looking for in regards to file.

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So I moved your last reply over to that topic, just so it jumps out more for support and devs. Also just to make aware, we had a recent reply from Clifton, the VP of Engineering, on this issue not long ago as well. That reply is below.

Big thing is, they definitely are trying to figure things out but it’s not been easy. I’ll tag in @Mattches over here as well because what you quoted in your reply seems a bit different compared to what we normally see in reports.

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