All passwords deleted - Delete saved passwords box UNCHECKED

Using the latest version of brave, I cleared cookies/cache but am absolutely sure I unchecked the passwords and other sign-in data box when doing so. There is no longer anything present in saved passwords. Is there any possible way to recover these or no?

All I’m looking for is a simple yes or no, and if yes, what specific file in what specific location am I looking for to try and attempt recovery. IIRC this has happened to me one other time with an earlier version but I cannot remember what it is I had to do to fix the issue.


  • Have you read other threads on this topic to try and find a solution?: Yes, there’s a plethora of them and most all of them end with OP getting nothing resolved and many times not even a response from staff.

  • Are you sure you didn’t check the box?: Yes

  • Did you sync or backup the passwords?: No, I never intended to clear them.

  • Any questions to do with bookmarks: This has nothing to do with bookmarks, they are still there and yes, I’ve taken a look at the Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak files, they’re just full of JSON formatted data containing my bookmark info. I’m not sure why so many posters in threads regarding this topic insist on mentioning backing up bookmarks/checking out these files when that has nothing to do with the issue. Unless I’m totally missing something there??

Thanks in advance!

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