Lost old Brave downloads in SD Card cannot find them in files

**I set my Brave to download files on SD Card and the default path defined by it was SDCard/42CD-42D4/Android/Data/com.brave.browser/files. I used to open those files by sd card directly and they opened by Brave too as they appear on brave downloads. But somehow today there is no such folder on my Sd card named Data in Android folder. i cant find my old downloaded files on sd card but they’re still opening by brave directly they’re still appearing in downloads list and the brave player shows the directory at the top but it doesn’t show full file path also i am unable to share those files too. As for the files I downloaded in incognito they’re completely gone since they doesn’t appear in downloads list. Brave sd card download path now changed to Sdcard/42CD-42D4/downloads. **

  1. Old version downloaded to Sdcard/42CD-42D4/android/data/com.brave.browser/files
  2. New path changed automatically to sdcard/42CD-42D4/

    downloads in new version (maybe, i have automatic updates on)
  3. Old downloads disappeared from file manager but still in the brave downloads and playing/working/opening. However lost downloads of incognito mode they don’t show on downloads. Unable to see their full path and unable to share them or play those files from external apps.

Should be able to find those files on sd card or find the path they’re still saved in or should be able to share those files from brave directly

Brave Version 1.23.76, chromium 90.0.4430.93

Realme 7i OS Android 11, Build/RKQ1.201217.002

Attaching screenshots

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