Brave Saves Images to the App Data Folder

How is it that Brave devs thought it was a good idea to make downloads save to the com folder on Android? Do you know how many folders you have to sift through to get to it? And you still can’t effectively share it using the share link or open it with the stock gallery app. They patched it so they could say they fixed the download image issue in the laziest way possible. Fix it so the images download to the Download folder on the phone or SD CARD storage. I can’t even tell my gallery app to look at the Android/ data/ com.brave.browser/ Files /Download directory. How dumb is it that images save there? Give us a way to edit the location at least.

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I’m on Android 10 on a Samsung Galaxy S9+

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It’s saving there because you’re telling it to. While I agree you should be able to specify a path, you can’t. So when you tell it to save to the SD card via settings --> downloads (at the bottom) that’s where it goes. Go back into downloads and switch it to downloads instead of SD card.

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Both locations it chooses are on the onboard storage, despite it saying SD card. The options provided are dumb.

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