SD card downloads folder has freaking vanished dammit!

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After my tablet updated last night, I tried to view my SD card Download folder for your damned browser using total commander and the entire damned folder for android installed apps has seemingly vanished completely. And now when I try to download a new file to the SD card I get an error and the file shows up somewhere else.

How the heck am I supposed to reproduce this?

  1. Update to newest version of Android?
  2. Use total commander or similar app to go into the SD card, then the android folder, then data, and now notice nothing is showing at all.
  3. Try to download a file onto the SD card, look at error, then check SD card Download folder. Look for anything that might be missing that was there in the Brave SD card Download folder before.

what do you mean Expected result? If you mean what should have happened, there shouldn’t have been an error, and the android app data folders should have shown up in the SD card, which should contain the newest download:

Brave Version: 1.25.73

Samsung galaxy tab A 10.1

**Additional Information: besides me not knowing what the hell is going on, if this is Brave fault, Google fault, or exactly who I should blame for this example of idiocy? I have no idea what else to put here. :rage: **

How can this be Brave’s Fault :confused:
It could have just gone corrupted or maybe got deleted mistakenly…

But there are many “File Recovery” apps on the Play Store and some of them do work… So check it out.

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