Lost all Passwords, History, Bookmarks etc... upon app re-launch

One of the profiles I use was having issues loading pages and kept timing out (all my other profiles and tabs on them were fine) and I decided to re-launch the browser. Once launched, I noticed that none of my profiles had any history, all my tabs were gone, bookmarks and bookmark bar disappeared and worts of all my saved passwords are ALL gone (on every profile…). Some of my extensions are gone as well.

I tried closing the browser and opening it again, but now it doesn’t even show the password section at all!

I am using a MacBook Pro (mid 2014) on High Sierra 10.13.6

The tokens in my wallet seem to be the only things still there.

Is there any way to restore all my lost data and passwords?

If I have a time machine backup of my computer could I restore from that perhaps?


if not already then back up the passphrase for the wallet😐

I already had that backed up, but I don’t think that has a correlation to the rest of the browser data does it?

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