I Lost Everything

Recently i let a friend use my browser to play a game naturally he created a profile to keep his stuff separate profile, i never created one cause i didn’t know that was an option i thought because I integrated all my Crome stuff upon downloading it but now after coming back to my browser i’ve lost Everything the password to websites i only made an account to on this browser my bookmarks for the websites i used and cant remember now. am i screwed or can i recover all this somehow?

Please I need help

Even though your friend created his profile, your profile shouldn’t be erased, it should have been profile1 and your friends being profile2.

I think your issue is related to

I never made a profile I thought I auto made one but upon going into the browser later only his was there

Your profile is indeed made automatically and differentiated from the second profile when you make a new profile

I couldn’t find it when I clicked on profiles all that was there was the new one my friend made

When you open the browser, are you still using the profile that your friend created? You can tell by clicking on the profile icon next to the main menu button:

If so, does it show other profiles there?

i’ve deleted my friends profile, also i don’t have the option up next to vpn there isnt anything there for me

Creating a new profile should not have cleared any existing data in your browser. Can you please go to:

~\Library\Application Support\BraveSoftware\Brave-browser

Here, check to see if you can find a Default folder.
If you do not see this folder, do you see any other folders - likely labeled as Profile 1 or Profile 2 etc?

If you do see the Default folder, please go into it and open the Bookmarks file. It might look a little messy but you should be able to see some URLs of your actual bookmarks listed here. This will tell us that at least your profile data is intact.

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