Locations always set to Block, cant change to Allow

** I select Allow location when the pop up shows up on the left hand side. Then it says Location is turned on is system preference but its not. I go to settings on mac and turn off then back on and still says the same. i go to brave settings and the location for any website is automatically set to ask or block. if i change to allow it goes to block. location works on safari**

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. go to any site that will ask for location
  2. click allow
  3. location icon pops up on url with x on it and says turn on location in system preference (mac) even though its already on

Expected result: be able to use location

** Version 1.57.47 Chromium: 116.0.5845.96 (Official Build) (arm64)

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Iā€™m having the exact same problem on the same Brave version. Anyone have any ideas?

well this stinks no one has responded to us lol

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