Location on Google Flights keeps coming up wrong

Everytime I go to flights.google.com it indicates i’m in Thailand and uses Thai Baht. I lived there for 18 months so it was fine but I don’t live there anymore and cannot figure out how to change this. It doesn’t happen in Safari or Chrome so I"m pretty sure it’s something to do with Brave. I also have tested it with my VPN Off as well as set to United States and Canada but yet it still tells Google Flights that I’m in Thailand. How do I change this?

@tracyselena do you know what your Locale is? I mean, do you have it set for Thailand or anything? By Locale I mean all of your OS region settings and all, kind of as discussed at https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/change-language-region-settings-on-mac-intl163/mac

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