Linux update issues (--no-sandbox) + no audio



I have two issues.

Just started using Brave on my desktop and laptop (both running Linux Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS). It was working great, but Brave updated and now says:

You are using an unsupported command-line flag: --no-sandbox. Stability and security will suffer.

It now has an ugly ass black URL bar and no GTK+ theme. How do I fix this? It looked so much cleaner before, now it’s just chromium. I don’t want a chromium clone.

Second problem is only on my laptop. Brave just stopped playing audio one day. Firefox and every other app works fine.

I really like Brave, but it keeps just randomly breaking on me.


I decided to delete snap installation, and going with repository. Now it’s fine Brave forgets EVERYthing after update. Working as intended?

snap is really pain in the ass with this upgrad :confounded:

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If you’re still experiencing the --no-sandbox issue, we’ve merged all reports into a master thread that can be found here: