Links cause eBay and Amazon apps to open

I’m having random the problem of the eBay and Amazon apps opening on my iPad Pro 2nd Gen 12” iPad OS 15.6 when I touch links which have nothing to do with either eBay or Amazon.

I was going to list the websites that it has happened on such as Twitter but it just happened on this site as I hit the button to create a new topic at the top right of the forum page.

These links obviously should not trigger eBay or Amazon to launch (it happens whether they are already open or not) and I see no settings in either app to control this behaviour. Also, once in the app, there is a link back to Brave at the top left of the screen, so obviously, something within Brave is triggering this.

If this carries on, I’ll probably have to delete those two apps and just use their websites.

If you hold down the link, does it allow options to copy it?

I don’t know how I can test that given that the problem occurs randomly and once it has happened, it is a bit late - but generally, yes, there is an option to copy links. And as I mentioned, one of the links was on this site, the ‘+New Topic’ link at the top right of this page;

In that case, there is no option to copy the link, the text is selected then I get the text options:

Copy / Look Up / Translate / Speak / Share… / Find in Page / Search with Brave / Spell

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