Amazon link opening in browser instead of app

Description of the issue:
Amazon links on YouTube does not open in Amazon app when Brave is set as default browser. However it works if safari is set as default.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Set Brave as default browser.
  2. Tap Amazon link from YouTube app

Expected result:

Link should open in Brave and then redirect to Amazon app

What does happen if Brave is set to the default browser?

When Brave is default, it opens Amazon link in browser but does not redirect to Amazon app

with the ‘Allow universal links to open in external apps’ option toggled on?

Yup I tested in gmail app and it’s working fine, I wonder if it’s a YouTube issue since it seems to open a redirect page.

Here’s a video with amazon links in the description

i couldn’t get to to open in the app even with selecting Safari, i even tried Edge still opened in the Browser.
but i think its maybe because i’m in the UK and don’t normally use i use (when i very rarely use the site)

When trying to click any of the link in your devices wherein you initiated Brave browser as your default, It will open automatically to your Brave…

like i posted above, not for me

i tried with other apps like Uber and theirs seem to work fine from youtube. Opening a video on youtube with an UberEats link will open a brave tab and prompt to switch app

i think its probably youtube’s issue since opening Amazon links from a webpage on brave works fine

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Try searching amazon

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