Can't open links on background

Hey guys, first of all sorry for my broken english, but I just need to know why can’t I open any link in a new tab on iOS (the option was disabled a couple of days ago).

Which version of iOS app are you on?

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Hi, I’m on iOS 12.1.1

Thanks. Could you also tel me whats the Brave version you are running?

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I’m using version 1.7.3

Could you take a screenshot of what happens when you long press on a link? There should be an option for Open link in a new tab and Open link in a Private tab options in popup menu. Opening link in a new tab always open in background.

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This is what happens:

Thats weird. I see the context menu options on playstore build. Have you changed the device locale or region? Playstore doesn’t look to be on en-US.

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Hi Imperial Raven

We are aware of this issue and I’m going to try to fix that tomorrow.
As a workaround, you can kill the app and open it again and it should be back working again.

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The issue is logged here


Thank you very much.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that this issue is most likely fixed.
It is an Apple’s Webkit bug, but we’ve done some workaround and all should be good.

It won’t probably land in the next release however, but in next + 1, so please have some patience and sorry for the problems