LemmyNet Incompatibility iOS Mobile App

Description of the issue:
Logon and Create Account buttons do not work on Brave for iOS but do work on Safari, on ios 16.0.2, and app Version 1.51.2 (

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave iOS app
  2. Navigate to a LemmyNet instance like https://lemmy.world/login
  3. Try to logon. A nonexistent account like “AAA” and any password for instance. Hitting login makes the button spin but the page never loads.

Expected result:
The website immediately tells you you entered an incorrect password or redirects on a valid logon.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.51.2 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone 14 Pro
iOS 16.0.2

Additional Information:
There are many, many instances of Lemmy online (FOSS software) and all tried do not work. Including home of an iOS app for this platform, https://lemmy.ml/

Ok this topic can be closed - user error? I’m not sure. I toggled off Brave’s content filtering and the by-default enabled “Fanboy Notifications” block list, cleared cache and cookies, restarted the browser, and suddenly lemmy.ml let’s me login.

I re-enabled the stricter content filtering and more of the included block lists. Lemmy.ml continued to allow logon.

I think I never cleared cache to try and fix this because this site was new to me and had not had a chance to work in this browser. I assumed there was no chance my cache could be an issue.

Weird but I won’t argue. Good to close :slight_smile:

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