Browser help please

Brave is timing out on all kinds of sites including Brave Community. This didn’t happen until after a 2+ hour phone call with my ISP about internet connection issues with their website and app making me login over and over and not showing me things like my phone and text history or letting me pay my bill.

The issue is reproduced simply by trying to use the browser. I have closed and restarted the app, deleted and reinstalled the app, turned proton VPN off and on, switched from WiFi to cellular and back, restarted the phone, done a force reset on the phone.

Brave Version
1.58.2 (

10 month old iPhone 14 Pro Max
iOS 17.1.1

My ISP told me my WiFi gateway had been hacked and sent me a new gateway and since then, my WiFi has been pretty unreliable and screwed up. I have trouble with all kinds of websites from social media to using google to accessing sites like the FCC and shopping sites etc.

Most problematic is web buttons and forms mostly don’t work. For example: I will try to create an account on a site like Reddit and as soon as I get to the “enter password” field the form stops working (the field is greyed out and I can’t actually enter a password) or I’ll be able to complete the form and the button to click to submit doesn’t work or in the case of some websites it will tell me I’ve created a password that doesn’t meet criteria and to try a new password even though I’m following all the stated password rules. This happens with banking and other websites that manage things like my financial benefits (I am disabled).

I’ve been using the Proton suite of web products for email and VPN and they suggest the Brave browser which I have been using for several months now without issue, until I had a lengthy support call with my ISP the other day who were trying to tell me that my WiFi was showing “mobile errors” without elaborating (just that my router showed a “mobile error”) and that my internet connection was “perfectly working” but that my mobile device is in error and they kept asking what browser I use and I had to explain what Brave was because they said they didn’t know it and had never heard of the browser and ever since then, I have not been able to load a single site, including Brave community, without it timing out at least 3+ times before loading and many websites I have to use another browser now.

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