I Just Tried the iOS Legacy Transfer for the First Time, and I am Looking for Direction

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I was an active user of Brave Browser back when $BAT would stabilize around $0.15-$0.20, which was sort of the majority of early to middle of 2020. I eventually stopped because brave was too incompetent to fulfill my needs, and the reward system was too buggy to be worth staying for. Since then, I had started using Firefox instead because they have quite decent functionality for not being as sketchy as google, bing/edge, and opera. Since I stopped, I have kept brave on my phone because I knew that uninstalling it would make it impossible to recover my wallet; according to the representatives here.

Recently I noticed that $BAT had reached above $1, and today I suddenly remembered about the $BAT on my phone app, and wanted to check back and see how many I had, and if it might now be finally recoverable.

I figure it would’ve been the same for all iOS users, so as some may expect, I was slightly frightened at first when I only found “Legacy Wallet Transfer” instead of any details about my balance in $BAT, rewards status, etc. but after searching around for a minute or two, I did find evidence that my old wallet was still there, in Settings>Brave_Rewards>Rewards_Internals at the bottom of the page under “LEGACY WALLET INFO”.

Some of the details were missing or incorrect though:

Key Info Seed : Invalid (hmmm…)
Wallet Payment ID : (…this is just blank?)
Wallet Creation Date : 12/31/69 (no; it definitely wasn’t DEC 31 of ??69 lol)
Has Transferrable Balance : Yes (…well I sure hope it does…)

Description of the issue:
The issue I’m having is this one:
Can anyone tell me what I need to do so that I don’t make some irreversible mistake? I think I might have multiple hundred dollars’ worth of $BAT on the line with this and really want to make sure I get it safely.

Brave Version
Windows 10 Application
Version 1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

iOS 14 Application
1.24 (
Not sure if I should update it though because of the issue mentioned in the post that this is continuing from.

Mobile Device details
iPhone 7+, iOS 14.4

Could anyone look at this for me please? I need to know if I should download an updated version of the app or if that would cause the problem to be worse.

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