Launch Flags not working

Description of the issue: Command Line flags do not work.
Reading the FAQ

It should be possible to pass launch flags to brave.
However it seems not to work. At least for the --disable-web-security flag to disable CORS.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Launch brave like in FAQ shown open -n -a /Applications/Brave\\ Browser -n --args --disable-web-security
  2. Make cors request

However, I am still seeing CORS errors.

Have you tried to use any other flags and had issues as well? For example if you use open -n -a /Applications/Brave\\ Browser -n --args --incognito are you able to launch an incognito window?

Also, since it sounds like your concern is CORS specific (which I’m guessing you’re disabling to test a website you’re building) do you encounter the CORS errors if you use an extension as well for disabling CORS such as Moesif origin & CORS Changer?

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