Lastpass extension for Brave Mobile (Android)

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I like brave; But I’ll have to leave it soon if there is no way for me to install a Lastpass extension on my mobile device. This is a feature I use multiple times a day. I can’t do ANYTHING worthwhile online without entering a username and password. I am so very surprised that the Brave developers would not consider this before even launching this new browser. I browser that makes me start from scratch to enter usernames and passwords for all the sites I visit everyday from banking to shopping to forums to social media. It’s just silly. One would thing that SECURITY would be the #1 issue when creating a new competing browser. Security, the thing EVERYONE cares a lot about! I assumed this would be a no brainer item as they sat around a table to design a new competing idea. This forum should not even exist. The developers for brave should be advertising their seamless integration for the security of their customers. I guess assuming makes a… well you know the rest. I’ll give them a little more time, but the end is neigh if this browser is more a pain then a help to my daily life.
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Create a Lastpass extension for brave mobile devices
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Need Lastpass for brave mobile device (Android)
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You can install LastPass app on your Android. And set Brave as your default browser > then set “Default browser” in LastPass’s Browser settings.

@eljuno Hello. Unless I am missing something, I tried that and it didn’t work. I couldn’t even log onto this forum with brave as my default browser without typing in my memorized password. I would have to make LastPass my default browser.

Did you already enable “Autofill” for LastPass, @Stevzen?

That worked! Thank you so very much! Now I enjoy my new browser. :pray:t5::blush: .

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