Lastpass integration android 10

I just switched to brave from chrome and have found that last pass won’t work very well with brave for whatever reason it will not display the auto fill. Can someone help me. Also I check on the lastpass app and the brave app is grayed out for the show fill helper for apps.

Maybe check if LastPass offers an official Chrome extension. You can easily install every Chrome extension to Brave. But be careful to only use official extensions as there is a risk of fraud.

The problem is not on chrome is on Android where it does not show up like it does with Chrome. I have to manually make it show up.

While it shows up for me, it doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to. I’m using a quick tile in the notification area instead which works 100% of the time. Maybe I’m used to this cause I started using Lastpass well after I had Brave on for ages.

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I do the same. It is a nice fallback for the surprisingly frequent times the autofill dialog does not appear. It is a minor inconvenience and I don’t think it is an issue that is caused by Brave.

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