Brave not recognized by LastPass on Android?

Description of the issue:
When using Brave on Android (10), LastPass does not offer to Autofill username/password on known websites.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Have Lastpass installed and set up (existing account with sites/password saved)
  2. Have Brave installed
  3. Visit a site saved in LastPass and view Log In page/fields

Expected result:
A drop-down appears from Lastpass offering to sign in for you

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
OnePlus 7T running OxygenOS 10.0.9.HD65AA
Brave OS recognition: Android 10; HD1905 Build/QKQ1.190716.003

Additional Information:
LastPass works with Chrome and Firefox on mobile, but will not work with Brave (have checked previous posts about making sure “Autofill” is turned on, as well as setting up Brave as the default browser for Lastpass).

I don’t have this issue and I’ve been running Android 10 for a while now. There are additional autofill settings in Lastpass that you can enable, including an option that runs through the accessibility settings for legacy detection. Enable that.


That seems to have worked.

I tried that feature in the past, but it disabled itself for some reason before I could even try it, and I chose not to try to enable it again (I assumed some sort of security conflict would keep reverting it).

Awesome, glad to have helped! For future reference that setting, and other accessibility settings, turn themselves off if you have “optimize settings” enabled under the advanced section of device care. That setting will also switch off an always on VPN setting and other things that shouldn’t be changed in favor of a negligible amount of battery savings.

THAT’S is why it kept disabling in the system settings. I didn’t know battery optimizations would trigger that (I only have one other app with accessibility, and it’s the launcher so it’s not set to optimized).

Tangentially related: I Optimize 90% of my apps since I couldn’t narrow down specific battery drains. The shotgun method worked for me though since my battery life jumped significantly after doing that.

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