Brave broke Last Pass


Hi there,

Ok, this is a serious issue.

Brave has broken LP. It was working (as much as LP works b/c it terrible since Log Mein bought them out) a few days ago.

In the browser extension panel/pane, the scrollbar in the “all items” area when you click on whatever, addresses, payment methods, etc. is MISSING.

I can’t scroll down to get to what I need.

Please fix ASAP.


Looks fine to me on my win10 vm running the latest brave and lastpass extension version…

Ran through the vault search no probs. Ran through extension menu search and no issues…

You running the latest version of brave and lastpass extension? what version of windows as well? Also, can you post screenshots?

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I’m on Win 7.

Ok, after doing some more troubleshooting, my very SMART website coder finally figured out it’s LastPass’s bloody AD on the left side that’s causing all these issues.

It turns out that it wasn’t an issue just on Brave, it was on all the browsers - sigh

I used to pay for LP until the terrible Logmein bought them out & ruined it, removed a feature that I absolutely needed, & then jacked up the cost & so then I stopped paying for it this year when my due date came around.

They must have just changed the code for their ad & that’s why suddenly the scrollbars disappeared. Then they reappeared but they wouldn’t scroll down.


But on ANOTHER note, due to what you asked me, we realized that Brave isn’t updating. It was broken, so now I have to create a new ticket for that LOL

It NEVER ends with all the internet, site & computer issues - sigh


Were you able to prompt the browser to update?

So sorry, it turns out it wasn’t Brave, it was LP with their bloody ads on the left that was braking the scrollbar.


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