Recover open tabs?

Brave v1.47.186

After activating the option “Cycle through the most recently used tabs with Ctrl-Tab,” (found under “Get Started-Appearance”) I lost my open tabs.

I see them under History, but how may I re-open the tabs that were closed as a result this change?

That option is broken and obsolete IMHO, I wish it would get removed.

But, I have never heard of it causing tab loss. Are you sure it wasn’t something else that caused it? Did this occur after a browser restart?

You can of course re-open tabs directly from Menu -> History -> Recently closed but the number of them is limited; you would have to go to the main History view for the rest.

Thank you for your message, Jim.

Nope, that was the only change I made.
My open tabs stayed for years… never a problem until I changed that option. I changed it back, but it didn’t matter… damage was done.

“Recently Closed” only shows tabs since the problem occured.
I went to “History,” but I would need to restore each tab individually. What a nuisance… very disappointed.

I don’t have time to waste… this is inexcusable.

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